Benefit Cosmetics 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel Review

by thehappysauce

Well, this product brought my eyebrows back to life.

Benefit Cosmetics 24-Hour Brow Setter Clear Brow Gel uses a large vintage-style silver plastic tube. I would not say that it is particularly impressive, but I think it is more beautiful than the average eyebrow gel tube. I did find that the tube got dirty soon.

I think the wand/brush of the eyebrow pencil is one of the best parts of the product! The wand is double-sided, the long hair side can completely cover the eyebrows, and the short side can sculpt the hair in place. I tame my eyebrows neatly with the short sides, which makes them look very neat.

It is a transparent gel with a good flexible, non-flaky formula that can help the eyebrows stay in place. I really like it and use it before I draw my eyebrows or as a finishing product, depending on whether I use a pencil, shade or pomade.

This one has stronger holding power, and the brush combs my personal eyebrows better, which makes the eyebrows look clearer and fuller.

I hope you give it a try, because if you do, the eyebrow problem…solved.


  • $14.00/3.5mL
  • $24.00/7.0mL


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