Benefit Cosmetics Badgal Bang! 24 Hour Eye Pencil Review

by thehappysauce

Benefit’s latest product — their Badgal Bang!24-hour eyeliner is the stuff of dreams – smooth, buttery and full of pigment, it stays exactly where you put it.

Without a doubt, this is the coolest mascara I’ve ever owned.It was very striking and perfectly suited to their “bad girl” theme.I love the matte black, the edgy look and the color combination.They do a great job with this packaging and it really stands out when you go to the benefits counter.

Clothing is what I like most about this mascara.It’s both feminine and masculine, and I think that’s really unique and interesting.This is something new.

Another thing I like is the wand applicator for mascara.It has very fine bristles and is very simple to use.It glides gently over my eyelashes to help even out the product.I find it works well with lower lashes as well, as it doesn’t smudge when I apply, which is not possible with mascara with thicker or larger mascara.

I was surprised that after a few coats it still felt light on the lashes and didn’t depress them.It will also keep your lid from falling due to weight.I think that’s what Benefit means when it talks about space-age technology and particles.

I like the fact that it’s a real black shade.It doesn’t gray when it dries, and it doesn’t look like natural eyelashes.

If you feel excited, go ahead and do it!




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