Benefit Cosmetics Brow Microfilling Pen Review

by thehappysauce

Benefits’ newest product: eyebrow pencil micro-filling pen. The reason why eyebrow products are still my undisputed beauty must-haves; it is simple and fast to use, and instantly lifts my face,

Nothing fancy; this is an easy-to-hold pen with an iconic fork-shaped applicator. Unlike traditional eyebrow pencils and pens, it has three small tips on the tip, which means that three sticks will be in each swipe. Draw on the “hair”. Not only does this make things faster, but in theory, it can also make my eyebrow application neater.

The consistency of the product is pure liquid; it is so light, you can hardly even feel it on your skin, and it sets quickly.

Regarding staying power, this one is maintained like a professional. I accidentally wiped my eyebrows, sweat and oil soaked it, wearing it for exercise, and being heated outdoors. All these times, this product persisted.

Have you tried this product? what is your opinion?




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