Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional: Pearl Primer Review

by thehappysauce

Today’s introduction is Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional: Pearl Primer.

This skin-perfect primer is creamy, shiny and soft to the touch, smoothing dry patches and diminishing dullness. Even if your skin is not shiny, the subtle pink undertone of this primer will make your skin glow, perfect for “no makeup” makeup days.

The silicone-based formula can blur pores and spots while smoothing the texture of the skin. In addition, it can absorb oil throughout the day and keep the foundation where it was originally placed.

So far, the same is true, but the initial spray is that the texture of the pearl primer is slightly looser and it is a shiny baby pink instead of the plain old beige of the standard POREfessional. Like its blue brother, it is oil-free, but it has a higher brightness, and the pink hue is designed to have a full brightening effect.

All in all, if you like bright, bright and shiny skin, Benefit POREfessional Pearl Primer is a good choice. Because this primer provides enough shine, we girls with oily skin will like it.


  • $13.00/7.5mL
  • $32.00/32mL


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