Make Up For Ever Ultra Hd Stick Foundation Review

by thehappysauce

Make Up For Ever recently launched their UltraHD foundation. The new UltraHD foundation is designed with 4K technology as its design concept, designed to be completely invisible at the latest super-magnification resolution, while looking natural in front of the camera and the individual.

Like most other MUFE products, the packaging of this foundation is beautiful and simple. The top of the lid is transparent, so you can see the shadow and it is easy to twist. It is beautiful and compact. however…

It’s like it doesn’t even cover the entire top area of ​​the tube down enough. I know that a stick foundation is a great help, but I can see that it will run out very quickly compared to normal liquid foundation.

It covered my freckles and redness. It also covers the pigmentation of my dark circles, but I don’t apply much there. This foundation has a satin dewy effect on my dry skin. What I want to point out is that on particularly dry days, this will attach to dry patches. This foundation looks more “perfect”, with a smooth skin primer and light powder that can blur pores and texture.

The liquid foundation feels very light. This is one of the most comfortable foundations I have ever worn, and it is an absolute treat for me to wear it. It looks really good on the camera!

If you are buying a new foundation in the market, you should give it a try. If you don’t buy a new foundation in the market, then you probably don’t have a stick foundation, so is this not reasonable enough?




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